thom rainer

The Books I've Ordered for My Staff (and why you should, too)

Every once in a while I will read an amazing book that I feel will greatly benefit our team. I have made a habit of ordering a copy for each of our staff and some of our key volunteers. Often these books speak directly to an issue we are facing and the benefit of reading a book all together is that we can exponentially speed up the process of coming to a consensus solution. Sometimes we will walk through chapters of the book together in our staff meetings allowing for ample discussion time. This is a great way to grow together. I'd highly recommend this as a great team growth strategy.

Here are the books I have ordered for my staff to read this year:

  1. Simple Church by Thom Rainer One of the best books written on the systems of discipleship. This book enabled us to get on the same page when it came to creating a simplified process of discipleship. We were struggling with our hand-offs, especially in getting our new believers to the next step of discipleship. How to create movement was our primary aim and this book delivered a phenomenal plan to do just that.
  2. Goals by Brian Tracey A dream without a goal is simply a fantasy. We definitely had a dream for our church, but our team needed help in setting specific and accurate goals. Tracey's book is the absolute best book I've ever read for goal setting. It helped me immensely in my personal goal setting and I felt that it would translate well to setting more accurate goals as a church. To date, the results have been amazing. We are right on target with our 5 year goal and this has given us tremendous focus and confidence in our corporate decision making.
  3. 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell In my opinion this is the best of Maxwell's writings, and that is saying something! After I read this book, I knew this was one our team could definitely benefit from. We needed more leaders, and we needed our team to be reproducing leaders. In our staff meetings we focused on teaching levels 3 and 4. Level 3 leaders produce results but level 4 leaders produce other leaders. This is what we needed. After reading this book and teaching through these chapters, our team immediately expanded and each of our key leaders began mentoring others.
  4. Cracking Your Church's Culture Code by Samuel Chand This book describes the power of culture. It's more powerful than vision. When I read this book, I felt like it was written just for us. It described step by step the transitions we had been going through. I felt it's main benefit was giving us patience with the time it takes to develop a strong, healthy culture. It also put a language to some of the cultural battles we were continually facing and this helped us more easily identify the problem and therefore solve is more quickly.
  5. Sticky Teams by Larry Osborne I ordered this book for our board. This book does a great job of explaining the often complicated relationship between the board, the staff, and the congregation. Although I feel it comes too strong from a congregational style leadership approach, it does contain great insight and ideas that will help develop strong covenant relationships between the key leaders in your church.

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