8 Keys to Lasting in Ministry

Is ministry burning you out? Do you feel like quitting?

Ministry can be completely draining. Statistics show that the vast majority of people who enter the ministry quit before they finish. Why is this? I believe it is because one or more of the following principles were violated.

Here are 8 Keys to Lasting in the Ministry:

  1. Take the time to ___________________ yourself spiritually.

  2. Take time to ___________________ yourself emotionally and mentally. a.) Never stop ___________________.b.) Never ___________________yourself.c.) Never___________________ ___________________ .

  3. Set aside ___________________ time for you and your spouse.

  4. Keep your children out of the ___________________ .

  5. Don't let people ___________________your ministry.

  6. Develop a circle of friends ___________________ your church.

  7. Be ___________________ .

  8. ___________________every step along the way.