Creativity in the Church


Josh Hoffmann, our service programming director, joins Pastor Gene on the podcast today. Josh handles a lot of the creative elements that take place during our Sunday services. He and the media team work hard to keep our content relevant and engaging. Tune in as he and Gene discuss all things creativity!

As Christians, we have the greatest story to share; the gospel of Jesus Christ. It can be difficult to spread the news of Jesus when there are so many conflicting influences within out society. This is what makes creativity within the church absolutely crucial. Without engaging and relevant material, we are just another voice. We need fresh ideas in order to grab people's attention.

Josh and his team are working to do just that. They strive to create new, impacting, and intriguing content for our Sunday services and social media throughout the week. Anyone can be creative and Josh and Gene are diving deep into what that looks like.

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A Look Into Streets Alive


We are excited to have Pastor Julie Kissick on the podcast today! She and her husband Ken run an outreach mission called Streets Alive here in Lethbridge and are making a great impact on our community. They work to restore the lives of the broken with dignity and re-establish lives that have been damaged due to addictions and homelessness. We can all learn so much from their ministry.

Streets Alive has been operating in Lethbridge since 1989. It began with three women with hearts to help people and now has multiple programs including a P.I.N. (People In Need) Bank, a Learning Centre, a Mobile Help Unit, and many more.

Pastor Ken and Julie seek to uplift people and give them the support they need in order to flourish. Their team believes in restoring people’s dignity and that recovery is real possibility for everyone. To learn more about their ministry, listen to today’s episode and then check out their website here.

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