Right Now Urgencies

As heroic as our vision casting is and despite our best intentions, life happens.“Right now” emergencies override visionary priorities. Distractions demand our attention, pull us away from creative thinking and bury us in the whirlwind of daily responsibilities. So as a leader, how do we deal with "right now" emergencies while leading our team into the future?

Ground Zero - Church Recovery

Ground Zero is a term that marks the point of the most severe damage or destruction resulting from a disaster, earthquake or epidemic. Sometimes a church, through moral failure, neglect of appropriate leadership or the absence of vision, finds themselves in a “ground zero” condition. The damage done so destructive, that recovery seems insurmountable. Even when new leadership comes in with recovery as the immediate vision it is not automatic nor guaranteed. Everything is on the line and it is a complicated endeavour.  

How to Coach Through a Crisis

In today’s podcast, Pastor Kelly answers 3 questions about coaching others through a crisis. Crisis come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a crisis in relationships, some in finances, others focus on team conflict and leadership conflicts. Sometimes a crisis pushes us out of our comfort zone. It's part of our churches culture to "never waste a crisis". So, how do you coach someone in a crisis to stir up and anchor themselves in a place of strength and self-identity beyond the crisis?

    1. A crisis _________________ what is inside you.Choices _________________ us - a crisis _________________ us.During a crisis… a. Trust _________________.b._________________ in yourself. c. Watch your _________________.

    2. It is our _________________ not our _________________ that determine our quality of life.“Good leaders make things happen during good times. Great leaders make things happen during bad times.” (John Maxwell)

Choices I make during a crisis:

    1. Be _________________.

    2. Make decisions based on my _________________.Decisions that must be made before the crisis: a. _________________. b. _________________. c. _________________.