Does Creativity Play a Role in Organizational Success

Creativity is a vital component to the success of any organization. The problem is that most leaders don’t think they are naturally creative. In today’s podcast, Gene and Kelly discuss creativity and how it is so much more than we all think. Unlock your creative genius.

10.5 Commandments of Creativity

We have been learning about the 7 growth points of every organization. The 7 growth points pertain to every church, small group, business, or department. Again, they are: 1) The leader must grow; 2) the leadership team must be intentionally grown; 3) the leadership must work and grow the systems; 4) the numbers must grow (attendance for churches or number of customers for businesses); 5) the finances must grow; 6) the expectations must grow; 7) The facilities must grow.

In today’s podcast I’m going to focus on the 6th growth point, expectations. This is the growth point that warrants the greatest number of questions because it seems so unusual in comparison to the others. But make no mistake, growing your expectations will greatly impact the growth of your church or small group. Expectations draw on the anointing.

Remember when Jesus entered his home town? The Bible says he was unable to do miracles there. This is Jesus. God Himself! Yet, He was limited in doing miracles because the people were too familiar with him. They didn’t come to him with great expectations, because this was Jesus—Joseph and Mary’s kid—the one who grew up just down the street from them. They hadknown Him since He was a child.

When something becomes familiar, it loses the awe factor and the expectations decrease. When the expectations decrease, the anointing decreases as we see in the story of Jesus returning home. I don’t know about you, but I want our people to come expectant to church because I want the anointing and power of God to move in and amongst them. When our church services become familiar and predicable, we lose some of that expectation and it will negatively impact our services.

That is why it is important to regularly evaluate our attenders expectation level. And, when it is low—yes, we need to pray and ask God to intervene—but we can also go to work to practically address the problem. Of course, being practical doesn’t replace the power of God. But it is one way to fertilize the soil to allow God to go to work. I believe one of the best ways to practically impact the expectation level of your attenders is with creativity.

Here are the 10.5 Commandments of Creativity:

  1. Thou shalt create in___________________.Creative team’s are comprised of: i.___________________ii. ___________________iii. ___________________iv. ___________________

  2. Thou shalt give the right people a___________________.

  3. Thou shalt remember the ___________________ and keep it holy.

  4. Thou shalt hire___________________ men and women.

Avoid These People:

• Avoid people who cause___________________.• Avoid people who___________________ the conversation.• Avoid people who don’t ___________________.• Avoid people who always ___________________.

Get These People

• Get people who have a ___________________ heart for the church. • Get people who have ___________________ with each other.• Get people who move the conversation ___________________.

5. Thou shalt___________________ ideas and make them better.

6. Thou shalt be ___________________. 7. Thou shalt ask ___________________.

a -___________________s - ___________________k - ___________________

WHY: W =___________________ the point? H =___________________ do I pull this off? Y =___________________ style?

8. Thou shalt put in the___________________. 9. Thou shalt___________________ ___________________ ___________________.

10. Thou shalt not chase the___________________.

The 6 stages of creativity:

Stage 1: This is ___________________! Stage 2: This has___________________. Stage 3: This is___________________! Stage 4: I am___________________! Stage 5: This has___________________. Stage 6: This is___________________.

11. Thou shalt install the ___________________ principle.

The definition of creativity: To be consistently ___________________. To be predictably___________________. To be comfortably ___________________. To be on the radical edge of ___________________.

10.5 Thou shalt create a climate of ___________________.

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