A Culture of Honour


In today’s episode, Pastor Gene and I are discussing the topic of honour. Honour can be so overlooked in today’s world but it’s an important Biblical principle when working with others. The world functions better under a culture of honour.

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

1. How do we make honouring others our first impulse?

  • We must decide to honour and not rely on just honouring when we feel like it.

  • Honour without seeking honour in return.

  • When we honour, we are sowing seeds that will return a harvest into our lives.

2. How is it possible to honour in agreement and disagreement?

  • Once a decision is made by a leader, we all must honour that decision despite personal preferences.

  • There are times to offer input but once a decision is made, it becomes a collective idea instead of “their idea.”

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