Your Words Matter More Than You Think. Stop Negative Self-Talk and Move Forward.


We are continuing our discussion on Mind Craft today, gearing up for it’s release as an audio book. Our self-talk can either build us up or limit our success. Learn how to move past this common roadblock and maximize your potential.

Here are a few of the key points we talked about.

  • Our self-image is primarily shaped but how others see and describe us as well as how we see ourselves. This is often negatively affected when we fall into the comparison trap.

  • Negative self-descriptions are deadly to progress. When left unchecked, they can create a very poor self-image.

  • Excuses are comforting but it is a false comfort that puts success out of reach. Excuses remove our power to change.

  • God fills in the blank by fulfilling whatever we lack.

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