Summer Doesn't Have to Slow Your Church Down. Beat the Slump With These 5 Tips.


Summer time can be a dreaded season for pastors. Attendance drops, giving decreases, and volunteer commitment dwindles. What’s a pastor to do? That’s what Pastor Gene and I are discussing today!

Here are a a few key points from your discussion.

  • I often teach about the 7 Growth Points of Every Organization and in the summer time, I think pastors should be focused on the first three:

    • The leader must grow.

    • The leadership team must grow.

    • The systems must grow.

  • To take advantage of the summer time, we do the following with our staff:

    • Encourage them to attend a conference.

    • Teach them about personal growth and re-creation.

    • We resource them with books and podcasts.

    • We evaluate them and our systems.

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