The 3 Biggest Things You Can Do to Lead With Alignment


Today, Pastor Gene and I are wrapping up our discussion about Team Church and our time with Pastor Kevin Gerald. We learned a lot about organizational alignment and hope you have as well!

Here are some of the main points we went over today.

  1. A diverse organization drifts easily into a divided organization. This drift happens when subcultures develop. Subcultures arise when a team or individual believes the church exists to support them.

  2. When an organization is in alignment, it will have diversity within a shared identity.

  3. No alignment is better than partial alignment.

  4. In healthy organizations, alignment is not based on agreement.

The three biggest things you can do to lead with alignment are:

  1. Identify your organization’s culture and language.

  2. Have a low tolerance for a disregard of the culture.

  3. Celebrate and reward the people and the teams who model alignment within the culture.

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