Finding Your Phalanx with Pastor Kevin Gerald

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We had the absolute pleasure of hosting Pastor Kevin Gerald and his wife Sheila here at MyVictory this weekend. Not only do they pastor Champions Centre, one of the largest churches in the Northwest, but Pastor Kevin has also authored a number of fantastic books that have been great resources for our team.

On Saturday morning, we gathered as a team and Pastor Kevin led us through a teaching on team alignment and church culture. That’s what he and I are discussing today! Below are the notes that partnered with the session.

Phalanx - Organizational Alignment with Pastor Kevin Gerald

a) Organizational alignment is a consistency of culture throughout the organization.

b) Leading an organization (or team) that is out of alignment is like trying to drive a car that’s out of alignment.

c) A diverse organization doesn’t have to be a divided organization.

d) A diverse organization drifts easily into a divided organization.

e) When an organization is in phalanx/alignment, it will have diversity within a shared identity.

f) No alignment is better than partial alignment.

g) In healthy organizations, alignment is not based on agreement.

The 3 biggest things you can do to lead alignment are:

1. Identify your organization’s culture language.

2. Have a low tolerance for a disregard of the culture.

3. Celebrate and reward the people and the team who model phalanx with the culture.

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