Do You Get Bitter or Better with Time?


Pastor Gene and I are continuing our discussion about our experience at Team Church One Day. We are diving into the Test of Time and the Test of Small Things from Pastor Kevin Gerald’s book, The Proving Ground 2.0.

Here are some of the main points we discussed:

A. “Time affects people differently. Some people are like milk, they get bitter with time. Others are like wine, they get better with time. The milk people have a short life span of: interest - they are easily distracted. Motivation - they run out of inspiration quickly. Confidence - their attention gets turned toward the negative. Determination - they start well but never finish.” - Kevin Gerald

B. When I am considering giving someone an important responsibility in our ministry, I always look at how they are handling the responsibilities they already have. Red flags go up if I see:

  • A low energy in approaching their current responsibilities.

  • The tendency to be late repeatedly, signalling their schedule is out of control.

  • Missing deadlines consistently.

  • Their children not getting enough attention at home, usually observed in their children’s behaviour.

  • An unkempt yard, house or vehicle.

  • Sloppy appearance or poor hygiene.

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