Our Top 5 Reads of 2018


We are ringing in the New Year with our Top 5 Reads of 2018. I believe that if a leader stops growing, they stop leading. It is vital for leaders to make a regular habit of reading, listening to podcasts, or watching teachings. Grow yourself. We want to help you do that today with our recommendations!

Kelly’s Top 5 Books

#5 - The End of Religion by Bruxy Cavey

Bruxy is the pastor of The Meeting House church in the Greater Toronto area. In this book, he takes a deep look into religion and picks it apart, showing us the dichotomy between religion and Jesus.

#4 - RePresent Jesus by Dharius Daniels

Daniels identifies the twelve core characteristics of Jesus and shows us how each of these traits can be applied to our lives. He does a great job of making the traits bite-sized so we can easily incorporate them in our everyday life.

#3 - Proving Ground 2.0 by Kevin Gerald

Gerald breaks down nine common tests that all of us go through. “Testing precedes promotion,” he says. This book does a great job of taking you through these test using Scripture, and points you towards how to pass each of them.

#2 - Marching Off the Map by Tim Elmore

This book caused all of us around here pause and contemplate everything we are doing and we have actually restructured a lot with its insights. Elmore takes an in depth look at how to reach the next generation, something we all can improve on.

#1 - Irresistible by Andy Stanley

Stanley presents a fairly controversial idea within this book. It will mess with what you have been taught for years about the Bible and our faith. It has really caused me to think and to question a lot of the “whys” behind what I believe. It may be the most revolutionary literature written for the church since Luther’s 95 Theses.

Gene’s Top 5 Books

#5 - Darkest Hour by Anthony McCarten

In the hours leading into WWII, Winston Churchill had nothing to work with but his words. Most in government in Britain wanted to negotiate with Hitler. But Churchill won them over with words. He stood on the principle that one cannot negotiate with dictators.

#4 - Own The Moment by Carl Lentz

Lentz reminds us to maximize the moments and the days we are living now. He writes that, “If your worth and value is not separated from your vocation and title, you will find it impossible to deal with the changes that come with life.”

#3 - Marching Off the Map by Tim Elmore

#2 - Irresistible by Andy Stanley

#1 - Mind Craft by Kelly Stickel

I am so honoured that Gene chose this as his number one for 2018. Mind Craft releases on January 13 and in it, I explore the difference between believing God is able and believing God will. Self-help books change our behaviour but the Word of God changes our pattern of thought. His Word moves our fence lines and invites God to line our thinking up with His so we don’t limit Him in our lives.