Inside MyCityCare Part 2


Dignity goes beyond just meeting the physical needs of people. Within our MyCityCare program, we strive to maintain dignity as we help those in need. We are joined again by Jen Tribble to hear all about how MyCityCare is doing that.

Last week, we discussed one of the biggest events our MyCityCare team puts on; the Shop of Wonders. However, Christmas is not the only time of year that our community faces needs. The Cinderella Project provides dresses, shoes and accessories for graduating girls whose families cannot afford such. Also, every September we run a Stuff the Bus campaign which allows people to donate school supplies to families in need. These two programs have had great success and it's amazing to see the impact they have had.

When creating and planning these events, we aim to help people while still maintaining their dignity. This makes for the best experience for those we are reaching out to. They don't feel ashamed for getting help, rather excited to have equal opportunity.

I think what I enjoy most about MyCityCare is watching our amazing volunteers dig in to see our church moving forward. It is vital to have attendees participate in the vision of moving forward if the church is to progress. I love getting to watch our volunteers serve and grow spiritually. Listen in as Jen shares more details on this incredible ministry.

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