Inside MyCityCare Part 1


Christmas is said to be the best time of year. But, that is not a reality for a lot of families. Our guest today, Jen Tribble, shares how our MyCityCare program is working to change that in our city.

MyCityCare is our community outreach ministry that is based on meeting the six basic needs of life that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 25. The idea came to me and Tim (our worship and youth pastor) on a trip to India we took a few years ago. When we got home, his wife Jen was ready to take it on.

Our current outreach consisted of food hampers. These were a great help to plenty of people, but we knew there was more that could be done. Jen got to work building a team of fantastic people to tackle the vast needs of Lethbridge and they now have a multitude of programs that have helped hundreds.

As Christmas time approaches, the MyCityCare team is hard at work putting together their second Shop of Wonders. This program allows parents and children to participate in the full Christmas experience. Listen in as Jen shares all about it.

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