Good To Great

Jim Collins is famous for saying in his book Good to Great, “Good is the enemy of great.” He follows that up with “Few people attain great lives, in large part because it’s just so easy to settle for a good life.” 

How does a leader overcome the temptation to settle for good enough? How does a leader inspire their followers to strive for consistent excellence? How does a leader who desires to do great things attract the right people? Does Good to Great work for the church as well? Why?

How to attract the very best team:

  1. ____________________ the very best.

  2. Check their____________________- ____________________.

  3. Look for people who have ____________________.

  4. Look for____________________people.

  5. Do they have a ____________________ attitude?

  6. Are they ____________________?

  7. Evaluate their ____________________ potential.

  8. Assess their ability to produce ____________________.

  9. Do they add ____________________to the team?

  10. Are they captivated by the same ____________________?

  11. Do they raise up other ____________________?

How to inspire excellence into the individuals on your team:

  1. Value the ____________________ more than the event.

  2. Set up ____________________.

  3. Seek to understand ____________________ needs.

  4. Look for ____________________ indicators.

  5. Understanding of ____________________development.


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