In today’s podcast, Gene and Kelly are discussing candour. Candour is a fascinating subject. Several sources defined candour as “transparency”.And transparency was defined as “capable of being seen through”.

Candour is sometimes defined as “frank, open, and sincere communication.” The free flow of information is said to give an organization the ability to solve problems, innovate, meet challenges and achieve goals.

Barbara Corcoran, of Shark Tank TV fame, says that she can predict that an organization is headed to failure when the leader blames others for their failing situation and when that leader tries to get her to feel sorry for them. Both of these signs are a symptom of a culture that prohibits candour. Is your organization in danger because of a lack of candour?

3 Benefits of Candour:

  1. Candour gets more people in the conversation and you get __________ rich.

  2. Candour generates __________.

  3. Candour cuts __________.

“When there is an absence of trust, it stems from the leader’s unwillingness to be vulnerable with the group. Leaders who are not genuinely open with one another about their mistakes and weaknesses make it impossible to build a foundation of trust.”

~Patrick Lencioni~

How to Build Trust:

  1. You __________them as a human being — Mutual __________.

  2. You care about their __________— Mutual __________.

Progress is always proceeded by  __________.

Change is always proceeded by __________.

Challenging the status quo is often where leadership  __________.


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