Does Creativity Play a Role in Organizational Success

Erik Wahl said in his book Unthink, “If you don’t slow down enough to put discovery back into your days, one of two things will happen: 1) You will burn out and shut down or 2) Your work will become obsolete and you will become expendable.”

Creativity is a vital component to the success of any organization. The problem is that most leaders don’t think they are naturally creative. In today’s podcast, Gene and Kelly discuss creativity and how it is so much more than we all think. Unlock your creative genius.

Create in a Team With These People

  1. Get people who have a   ______________  ______________ for the church.
  2. Get people who have  ______________   with each other.
  3. Get people who move the conversation   ______________ .

Avoid These People

  1. Avoid people who cause  ______________ .
  2. Avoid people who    ______________  the conversation.
  3. Avoid people who don’t   ______________ .
  4. Avoid people who always   ______________ .

“An artist is anyone who challenges conventional wisdom and inspires change that creates new channels of problem solving and innovation.” ~Erik Wahl

The 6 Stages of a Creative Idea:

Stage 1 - this is   ______________ !

Stage 2 - this has some   ______________ .

Stage 3 - this is    ______________ !

Stage 4 - I am   ______________ !

Stage 5 - this might   ______________ .

Stage 6 - this is   ______________  !