Coaching for a Change

Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

In today’s podcast Pastor Gene and Kelly tackle the difference between being original and being authentic as well as how to lead through change and to avoid the status quo.

  1. You don’t need to be ________________ but you must be________________.“The opposite of courage is not fear. It is conformity. The most exhausting and frustrating thing in life is to live it trying to be someone else.” ~John MaxwellHow to be authentic: a.________________  see the people you are trying to please. b.________________  go to the people you want to be like. c.________________ look at the person you want to be. d.________________  reject the pull of the people you once pleased. 
  2. Go find out what everybody else is doing and________________ ________________. Progress is always proceeded by ________________. Change is always proceeded by________________. Challenging the status quo is often where leadership ________________. 
  3. Change is never ________________.There are 3 things that fuel change: a. The fuel of ________________. b. The fuel of ________________.                       c. The fuel of________________
  4. Leaders are constantly challenged to: a. Fight personal ________________. b. Desire________________ more than winning or losing. c. Help ________________ change.

The person who wants to help others change must ask and answer 3 questions: i. Is it worth it? If not why waste the effort? ii. Will they do it? If not, why waste your effort? iii. Can they do it? If not, why waste either of your efforts?