How to Coach Through a Crisis

In today’s podcast, Pastor Kelly answers 3 questions about coaching others through a crisis. Crisis come in all shapes and sizes. Some are a crisis in relationships, some in finances, others focus on team conflict and leadership conflicts. Sometimes a crisis pushes us out of our comfort zone. It's part of our churches culture to "never waste a crisis". So, how do you coach someone in a crisis to stir up and anchor themselves in a place of strength and self-identity beyond the crisis?

    1. A crisis _________________ what is inside you.Choices _________________ us - a crisis _________________ us.During a crisis… a. Trust _________________.b._________________ in yourself. c. Watch your _________________.

    2. It is our _________________ not our _________________ that determine our quality of life.“Good leaders make things happen during good times. Great leaders make things happen during bad times.” (John Maxwell)

Choices I make during a crisis:

    1. Be _________________.

    2. Make decisions based on my _________________.Decisions that must be made before the crisis: a. _________________. b. _________________. c. _________________.