How to Inspire Commitment in People

The church is a non-profit, volunteer organization. My late mentor Jack Whitesell said, “for every 1 volunteer that functions effectively, 6-8 people will stay in the church.”

This places an enormous amount of importance on the number of volunteers we have, as well as the quality of volunteers we have. It takes a special kind of leader to attract and lead volunteers. The truth is, we don’t inherit commitment, we earn it! It’s up to us, as leaders, to get commitment from people. Our ability to reach our communities depend on this skill.

Here are 10 keys to inspiring commitment in people:

  1. Precisely ___________________ who fits where.

  2. Identify who will do the winsome ___________________of the right people.

  3. Show them the ___________________ they can make by getting involved.

  4. A ___________________ atmosphere from current volunteers.

  5. Effective ___________________of the recruited.

  6. High ___________________of the equipped.

  7. The ___________________ deployment of the motivated.

  8. The regular ___________________ of the deployed.

  9. The creative ___________________of the productive.

  10. Ongoing enrichment of the ___________________ worker.