7 Characteristics of a Pastoral Team

This past week was a super exciting week for us at My Victory. We released the book My Victory Starts Here along with the series on the same topic. We celebrated 8 baptisms in our site in Okotoks and we successfully launched our campus in Lloydminster with 190 people in attendance! I am so proud of our team there and all of the work they put in to make the church launch such a success. It is no small feat to gather a crowd of this magnitude when opening a brand new church in a community. I am so impressed.

Now the work begins to turn that crowd into a congregation, to turn our new converts into disciples. This is a big job, and it takes a highly qualified and passionate team to do this. This is much more than just a job that one pastor can do. Remember, John Maxwell once said that “one is too small a number to achieve greatness.”

I often get asked the question, “why do you choose to do multisite church plants instead of just planting an independent church. Here are 10 reasons why we decided to plant a multisite churches:

  1. _____________________.
  2. Sharing of _____________________.
  3. Infusion of_____________________  workers.
  4. Shared _____________________ and core _____________________.
  5. Greater_____________________ support.
  6. Pre-established network for _____________________ _____________________.
  7. Not needing to _____________________.
  8. Connection with others doing the _____________________ thing.
  9. Less_____________________ and greater_____________________.
  10. New-church vibe with a _____________________punch.

What Does a Campus Pastor & Campus Staff Do?

The primary responsibility of a campus pastor is to ensure the transfer of the ministry _____________________ _____________________ and _____________________ of the sending church.

The goal is really to be_____________________ church in_____________________ locations.

What are the Characteristics of an Effective Campus Team?

  1. High _____________________ leader.
  2. _____________________ players.
  3. People _____________________.
  4. _____________________.
  5. _____________________ _____________________.
  6. _____________________.
  7.  _____________________ _____________________.

“Our campus pastors have an unwavering loyalty to the lead pastor, believe in the mission of our church, connect with their congregation and develop leaders.” ~ Jim Tomberlin, who is the Multisite Pastor for Willow Creek Church

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