Casting A Compelling Vision

We called this podcast Inside MyVictory because we wanted to give everyone access to what we teach our staff and volunteers on a regular basis. In this episode I want to give you a glimpse into what I taught last night to our volunteers at our iPartner Volunteers Night in Lethbridge. I shared our vision and strategy for the upcoming fall for MyVictory Lethbridge as well I give insight into the strategies we will be implementing across all 4 of our campuses in the next year.

How to Share a Compelling Vision:

  1. What ________________ are we called to solve?3 problems we are currently facing at MyVictory Church: a. The first problem is a lack of ________________ .b. The second problem is a lack of ________________ .c. The third problem is a lack of ________________ .

  2. What is the ________________?a. Add another ________________.b. The second reason we felt the need to compact our services was to further serve our volunteers.c. The third solution I presented was the need to hire an ________________Pastor.d. The fourth solution is a vision for our church to go ________________.e. The fifth solution is to equip our people become disciplers in their own communities. We are launching My Victory ________________ ________________ .

  1. Why ________________?

  2. Why ________________?

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