6 Principles that Affect Numerical Growth

For the church, numerical growth is our bottom line. Whenever we talk about a growing church, we are referring to the number of bums in the seats for a weekend service. Everything a church does is purposed to increase that number. Before you hyper-spiritual types push back and argue that numbers don’t matter and that church leaders shouldn’t focus on them so much, must I remind you that there is an entire book in the Bible entitled Numbers and that Jesus counted everything. He had 12 disciples, 70 close followers, fed the 5000 and later the 4000, He had 500 at His ascension and 120 in the upper room and I could go on and on. Yes, numbers count (and that’s not just a play on words). Numbers are important because numbers reflect souls and eternities.

In today’s podcast I want to share 6 key principles that have proven to work for us and I know these simple ideas will help any church or department grow in any location.

6 Principles that Affect Numerical Growth

  1. Pay close attention to the ____________________ of growth.

  2. You cannot manage what you do not ____________________.

  3. ____________________ trumps vision every time.

  4. Set your table for ____________________.

  5. Host a ____________________, don’t work a shift.

  6. The power of ____________________.

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