How to Create a Compelling Service - Part 2

I have noticed a disturbing trend in the Western World Church. We have seemingly lost the art of evangelism. As Victory Churches, our vision is to REACH every available person by every available means at every available time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; TEACH them to become like Christ; and MOBILIZE them to do the work of the ministry. Somewhere along the way we have drifted away from the REACH portion of our vision. How do we get it back?

At MyVictory Lethbridge we have been asking this question for 5 years and have discovered that the best way to expand our REACH is to create services unchurched people would love to attend without compromising the message. We remember that the Message is sacred, but the methods are not.

Here are three essential ingredients we have discovered that will create an irresistible service for the unchurched, and one that the churched would feel compelled to invite their unchurched friends, family, neighbours and co-workers to.

Three Essential Ingredients to Creating Irresistible Services:

  1. Is the setting ________________ ? Every ministry environment communicates something. There are no neutral environments. Environments are the messages before the message. It’s our responsibility to shape the way people view our church. We can’t leave this to chance.a. Clean & tidy communicates that we are ________________ someone. b. Organized communicates that we take what we do seriously. c. Having ________________ people in the parking lot communicates “we are expecting you and we are on top of things” d. Design, decor, and attention to ________________ communicate that we understand our target audience.

  2. Is the presentation ________________? a. Is it organized around a ________________ vision?

    • Preservice (create mood and welcoming atmosphere)

    • Opener (purpose is to make people smile or laugh).

    • Welcome (purpose is to inform newcomers of what to expect).

    • Music (Get their attention; Get their participation; Get their worship).

    • Transition (purpose is a prophetic leading in worship & greeting time).

    • Special (purpose is to create tension for the message).

    • Message (purpose is to show all that Jesus and the Bible are the answers they are looking for - one point takeaway).

    • Salvation Call (purpose is to introduce people to Jesus).

    • Offering.

    • Close (purpose is to give the 5 steps).

    • Postservice (create mood).

    b. Are we playing to our ________________? c. Are we shouting too ________________ ? d. Are we ________________ too much? e. Are we ________________ it? f. Are we staying ________________?

  3. Is the content ________________? We are trying to accomplish one of three things each service: a. Help people think ________________. b. Help people behave biblically. (________________) c. Help people ________________ biblical teaching.

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