How to Create a Compelling Service - Part 1

Every church has programs. Every church needs programs. But it is important that a church not be driven by it’s programs. The programs are simply methods and we must remember the message is sacred, the methods are not. The key to consistent growth in your local church is to not allow your programs to drive your mandate. Your programs need to serve the Mission and Vision. Date the model, but marry the mission.

In podcast you will learn how we at MyVictory Church structured our programs to serve our Mission and Vision. We did this by asking a simple question, “What is the best way to…?” When we find a better method or program that serves our Mission and Vision we employ it. The Model and Programming are flexible, the Mission and Vision are not. Here is an inside look to our current programs that our serving our Mission and Vision well.

How to Create a Compelling Service: 

____________ > ____________ > ____________ >____________

1.  Mission = to make disciples. (Matt. 28:19-20)

We clearly define a disciple from 1 John 2… a. born again b. little children c. young men d. fathers

2.  Vision - REACH every available person by every available means at every available time with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

3.  Model - this answers how? It is our strategy or the framework that houses our mission and vision.

Clearly defined… a. Attend. b. Connect. c. Read. d. Serve. e. Invite.

4.  Programming - What is the best way to___________?

Question: What is the best way to lead people to attend? Answer: Creating service ___________ people love to attend.

How? Every ministry environment communicates ___________. There are no ___________ environments. Environments are the ___________ before the ___________. It’s our ___________ to shape the way people view our church. We can’t leave this to chance.


Three Essential ingredients to creating irresistible services:

  1. Is the setting ___________? a. Clean & tidy communicates that we are ___________ someone b. Organized communicates that we take what we do seriously c. Having ___________ people in the parking lot communicates “we are expecting you and we are on top of things” d. Design, decor, and attention to ___________ communicates that we understand our target audience

  2. Is the presentation ___________? a. Is it organized around a ___________ vision?

Our Order of Service Template:

Engaging Service triangle

Engaging Service triangle

Note: The above triangle is just a template we use to create and plan our services. We are very flexible and creative with our services and this is simply a method that must serve the bigger picture, our Mission and Vision.

Part 2 of How to Create a Compelling Service will be available in the next podcast.

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