How to Build Effective Systems

One of the most important and most misunderstood part of church growth is systems. In this podcast you will learn how to develop effective systems and why they are so important to your ministry.

  1. Design a ______________ defined process. a. Clarity is the ability of the process to be communicated and understood by the ______________ . b. How’s your ______________? c. To build an effective system, we must determine what kind of ______________ we wish to produce in our church.

  2. Create ______________ in your ministry. a. Movement is the sequential steps in the process that causes people to move to greater areas of ______________. b. Focus on the ______________ . c. Plan your programs in ______________ order. d. Designate a clear ______________ to your process. e. Consider the “ ______________?”

  3. ______________ all of your ministries, staff, and volunteers around the same simple process. a. Resist complexity and pursue ______________ . b. Choose what potentially works ______________ over what is presently working. c. Ask these 7 questions of your team: What are we doing ______________? (Let’s optimize) What’s ______________? (Let’s change) What’s ______________? (Let’s clarify) What’s ______________? (Let’s add) What are the ______________? (Let’s avoid) What are the ______________ ? (Let’s exploit) What could we ______________ that no one would miss? (Let’s cut it out)

  4. Narrow Your ______________. a. The more you focus each environment, the greater the ______________ . b. The more you focus each environment, the better the ______________. c. The more you focus each environment, the higher the ______________ . d. The more you focus each environment, the stronger the ______________.

systems circle

systems circle

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