How to Develop an Effective Leadership Team


Dr. John C. Maxwell said “There are no limits to an organization if we put no limits on our people.”

If we intentionally train and equip our people and raise the lid on their leadership, we dramatically increase the growth potential of our organization. We need our people to grow in order for our church or organization to grow.

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Here are three ways you can develop an effective leadership team:

  1. Develop a ______________ _____________  to grow others. The highest function of a leader is not just to lead others. The highest function of a leader is to produce_______________ who can _______________ others.

  2. ___________________ with people. a. Strengthen ______________ . b. Earn______________ . c.______________ properly. d. Create clear______________ . e. Determine ______________ . f. Discover ______________ .

  3. ______________ them. a. Empowerment is about ______________ ______________. b. Empowerment is about ______________ . c. Empowerment is about ______________ .

Listener Question:

  • Let's say your team is tired, drained, you walk into  a staff meeting and you feel like morale is way down. Kinda feels like the vision that was once there is gone. What would you do in that situation? How do you help your team get the vision back? How do you get them pumped up?

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