The 7 Growth Points

Every leader wants their organization to continually grow, but every organization has seasons of growth. In today's podcast you'll learn how to manage these seasons of growth and how by learning the seven growth points you can guarantee your organization will continually grow.

The 7 Growth Points of Every Organization:

  1. The ________________________ must grow.

  2. Grow your ________________________ .

  3. Grow your ________________________ .

  4. Grow your ________________________ .

  5. Grow your ________________________ .

  6. Grow the ________________________ in the church .

  7. Grow your ________________________ .

Which growth point is the weakest in our department or organization? What strategies will I utilize to grow the weak point?

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Listener Questions:

  • How do I increase my influence/reputation within my organization?

  • How do you hold people accountable for not performing their responsibilities while balancing the act of “We are all in”, and “we make each other look good”?

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