Cracking Your Churches Culture Code (podcast)

I recently read an incredible book from Dr. Samuel Chand entitled Cracking Your Churches Culture Code. It was an incredibly insightful look into the power your culture has over your organization. At times I felt like this book must have been researched in our church. It spoke directly with a depth of understanding in issues we were currently dealing with and addressed them with amazing clarity. I would highly recommend every pastor and leader read this book. After reading this book, I immediately ordered copies for all of my staff and began teach through it in our staff meetings. Here is an except from our first staff meeting on this subject.



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Key Principles of Culture:

  1. Culture is the most powerful factor in any organization.
 The culture of an organization is the platform for building a strong church. It is the fertile soil for growing creativity and passion for excellence, and the rocket fuel for reaching new heights in excellence and accomplishments.
  2. Culture is usually unnoticed, unspoken, and unexamined.
 Organizational culture is like air; it’s all around us, shaping every moment of every day, but we seldom notice it at all. Toxic culture is like carbon monoxide: you don’t see or smell it, but you wake up dead!
  3. Culture determines how people respond to vision and leadership.

  4. Culture most often surfaces and is addressed in negative experiences.
 Far too often, we try to minimize difficulties and act as if they didn’t matter, we excuse ourselves and say it’s not our fault, or we point the accusatory finger at others. None of these responses leads to wisdom and change. A far more healthy and productive reaction is to stop, notice what happened, and ask, “Is there something more than meets the eye going on here?” That’s how we uncover a flawed culture so that we can address it.
  5. Culture is hard to change, but change results in multiplied benefits. 
 Talk to people far removed from the seat of power; ask them honest questions about what they see, think, and feel about the organization. Ask them how people are valued, what motivates them, and what is celebrated. And listen. You’ll find out everything you want to know - and maybe more.

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