How to Use the Bible as a Weapon

The Bible instructs us in Romans 12:2 to "renew our minds." Renewal is a two-part process: 1) I must remove the old, and 2) I must put on the new. The same is true if I were to restore or "renew" a piece of furniture. I would have to begin by stripping the old stain or fabric before I could put on the new.

When it comes to renewing our mind, we must understand that our current beliefs shape our attitudes and our actions. The problem with this understanding is that when we believe things that aren’t true, it negatively impacts our attitudes and behaviors. For example, in the 1400’s everyone believed the earth was flat.This misbelief negatively affected their behaviors. Their biggest fear was to fall off the edge, so it was common practice for ships to never leave the sight of land. This greatly limited their ability to explore the world and discover the abundance of resources the undiscovered lands had to offer.

It wasn't until Columbus watched a butterfly walk around an apple and slowly disappear from his eyesight, just as he had seen the sails of ships do the further the got away from shore, that he began to question the notion of a flat world. In order for a complete renewal of his mind, he had to strip off the old way of thinking and explore the new. And explore he did. And the rest as they say, is history.

We live in a society that specializes in marketing misinformation - about God, about sex, about marriage and relationships, about parenting to name just a few. When you become a Christian none of these beliefs automatically go away. What do we need to do? I believe that we need to identify this misinformation and then do something about it.

3 things you can do to help you begin identify your misbeliefs:

  1. Listen to the excuses you tell yourself to rationalize your wrong behavior.
“but I’m not the only one...”
“I don’t see any harm in it” or
    • “it’s not hurting anyone”
“I’ll try it just once”
    • “who’s going to know - if nobody knows there’s no consequence
“but I love him / her”
“but I don’t listen to the words”
    • “she deserves it”
“I can’t help it”
  2. Examine the areas in your life where you tend to overreact.
    • there is a lie you believe and it is making you over-sensitive
    • emotional pain is almost always supported by a lie
    • what supports fear is the thought that God has somehow lost control
  3. Examine the temptations to what you are most susceptible The temptations you are most susceptible to, the sins that you keep repeating, are almost always supported by a misbelief.

In order to receive freedom and transformation in any area, you must complete the process of renewing your mind. This begins by firstly identifying these misbliefs and once you identify these misbeliefs, the next step to renewal is to put on the new. Putting on the new is to learn to counter the specific lies that you are most prone to believe with the specific truths from God’s Word.

The Word is our weapon. Jesus used it as his weapon to ward off the temptations of the devil. Notice, Jesus didn't pray and ask God for help against temptation, he simply replied to each temptation with "It is written..." This proper use of the Word was done as an example for us when facing our own temptations.

Do you want to overcome sin in your life? Then you must firstly identify your misbeliefs that keep you trapped in the sin and then, secondly, you must put on a new way of thinking by memorizing specific verses that counter the specific lies you keep telling yourself.

Click Here for a list of verses to memorize and the specific lies they are intended to counter: scripture memory

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