5 Steps to Define Your Life Vision

5 Key Words to Understand How God Helps us Define Our Life Vision:


Process:God’s plan usually unfolds over time.What is He revealing progressively?

 If you are like me, you are impatient for action. We don't want to wait for the plan to unfold, we'd like it now, thank you very much. But God knows that the process is as important, if not more important, than the destination. What we learn in the process allows us to handle what we'll receive in the future. Therefore, we must learn to value the process.

Recommended Book: Put Your Dreams to the Test

  • Purpose:  God wants to accomplish His purposes. Why were you created?

 There are two ways to live, the first way to live is for your own purposes and plans and to ask God to bless your will. The other way to live is to seek God's purpose and plan for your life and to align yourself to His will. Obviously, the best way to live is to live according to God's purposes. After all, He is the one who created you and equipped you with a special set of gifts. Wouldn't it make sense to allow him to decide how you should employ those gifts?

Recommended Book: The Purpose Driven Life

  • Potential: God will use your gifts and passion. Does this goal fit who you are? Every one of us has been created for a purpose. We have a combination of skills and a personality that is unique to us and points to our unique call. It is important to discover what these gifts are and how to apply them to our purpose.

Recommended Book: Living Your Strengths

  • Prioritize: God will ask you to adjust your time and energy. What steps must you take? A dream without a plan is a fantasy and will not come to fruition. It's important to not only have specific goals but also to put specific plans to those goals. What are you willing to do daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to accomplish your call?

Recommended Books: Goals
 or Today Matters

  • Proceed: God will eventually require you to act. When should you start? I recommend starting today. Start with a plan and then apply daily disciplines to stick to your plan.

Recommended Book: The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

Click on the titles of the books listed above and you will be taken to Amazon.ca where you can get more information about the book and will have the ability to order a copy of your own. I highly recommend you read all of these books. They are great tools to help you discover your purpose and will give you the tools to live it out!